Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ten things you didn't know about tsunamis.

Some notes:

2/3 world - sea
26th December 2004 , earthquake NW of Sumatra, waves 3 miles inland
40 hours, 225,000 lives, 11 countries
Can happen after a landslide or underwater earthquake
cracks ocean floor, one side of fault is pushed up, displacing water, 
waves are hundreds of miles long at sea, nearer the shore they get steeper (taller)
drawback - water receding from the shore
catastrophic geological happening. 
earthquake was different, sheer cliff was thrust out of the sea bed. 
proof that it was formed recently, saw toothed edge.
second cliff - enormous - 'megathrust' - magnitude 9
cliff hundreds of miles long
tectonic plates, pushing for hundreds of years, pressure, breaking point
fault ruptured, cliff made was 40 feet tall, 450 miles long
500mph tsunami wave
created spectacle, lost temples, visible.
lost 6 below waves (pagodas)
sea retreated 1/2 kilometer in India for several minutes
Chixculub - 65 million years ago, meteor size of San Fransisco
struck earth, wiped out dinosaurs
struck water - gulf of Mexico. Crater 122 miles across
meteor 6 miles wide
700 miles/min fireball
vaporised water, blew hole in ocean. sea rushed into crater, sent out wave as deep as the ocean was
chain of waves, 100 miles inland
largest tsunami ever?
volcano - erupted for days, 25 miles into atmosphere
sea rushed into magma mass, debris fell into the sea, causing tsunami
60 feet into air, dragged back out to sea
Hawaii & Japan - tsunami capitals of the world
Pacific ocean most frequent. 4/5 happen there
Britain - first tabloid coverage was 400 years ago
3 in recorded history
Jan 1607, Bristol, fault line Ireland. at dawn
caused by God - retribution
WW2 tsunami bomb, Australian, Thomas Leech
4000 experiments, all failed
2000 tons of explosives - Tokyo bay - similar
Scientists cancelled any further experimenting
Project Seal
Moses - tsunami. Exodus. 3500 yrs ago
600 chariots, God parted the red sea
drowned men
shallow marsh? coast? volcanic eruption displaced body of water
sucked water in as it filled the void
water returning, drowned the Pharaohs army.
effects of nature unbelievable

Ten things you didn’t know about. 1/3 (2008) Ten things you didn’t know about tsunamis. London, BBC4, January 13, [DVD]

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