Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joseph Rankin

Cow 2. Oil on Paper.
Cows are sacred animals in certain religions, why is this cows head on a human body? Is the person a cow? Do they want to be a cow? 

Available at: [Accessed 31 August 2011]

Paul Robinson

Baby Face. Charcoal on paper.
Flo. Charcoal on paper.
The animals are looking out of the paper, straight into my soul? Do animals have souls? I would say yes, perhaps more so than humans. Humans end up in prison, humans have bad thoughts. Do animals have bad thoughts? Can animals think? 

Available at: [Accessed 31 August 2011]

Yael Falk

Minute wire crochet
A labour of love, in miniature. 

Available at: [Accessed 31 August 2011]



King and Queen rocks. Flamboro' near Bridlington

I think this photographic postcard (unwritten/unsent) of this house is breath taking. Perhaps the most beautiful composition I have ever seen. The sash windows slightly open, it must have been a warm day. The tree in the background, included obviously on purpose yet not the main focus. The flowers have been captured, the foremost blurred, yet I am drawn inexplicably to almost everything but. The brickwork, the angle of the house. Where was the photographer standing and on what? Where is this house?



Making 'Art'

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kate Van Suddese

Work currently at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
These seascapes offer a view on a day where all is changeable, where waves wash away anything smaller and lighter. I feel turmoil, feel compelled to bask in the frothy waves despite my apprehensions.



The sky has and will never be exactly the same twice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thrown - on a scale I can barely comprehend.

John Maguire, 135cm hand thrown stoneware pot
The moment I saw this pot I knew one day I will have to own one, it signifies a thousand things. Most of all love, this wasn't made on a whim and certainly took more than a few moments. Planning, mechanics, physical considerations. Glazing, a kiln big enough. It fills me with feelings of awe, knowing that somewhere all is well in the world.

Exhibition - Re-Collect: Sculptural Responses to Ideas of Place within Collections

Huddersfield Art Gallery, above the town library, is currently host to a collection of mixed media sculpture. 

I was particularly attracted to Mariele Neudecker's work 'Stolen Sunsets, 1996'; the tank stands just at my eye level, perhaps slightly taller. Inside is a mix of salt, water, resin, fiber glass and dye. I can see craggy rocks, mountains, all cast in a bright blue light.

Several of Deborah Gardner's recent works are displayed, including 'Yorkshire monument, 2011'. 

I particularly like how the work is framed by the doorway, and admire the careful stacking of several flimsy items.  I'm certain there must be a reason for the low lighting, but I feel it detracts from the overall finish; I much prefer a strong light inside galleries.

The other work that stood out for me was Richard Wentworth's 'Toy, 1983'. A steel bucket, filled with steel, a tin can island carefully sunken flush with the top level, lid half rolled.


Collected Levante beach, August 2011
I picked these up as I strolled along the shore line, chancing upon a perfect spiral shaped shell which was about to be washed back into the sea. I almost threw myself on top of it, fate perhaps that I grabbed it before the sea took it back (home?).


Sea water. Collected 12/08/2011.

Bringing this sea water back with me was like bringing home to my 'home'. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Althea Crome

A question of scale.
 I'm drawn to anything that instantly declares itself as a 'labour of love'

Crome, A. (n.d) City County. [online image] <Available at:> Accessed 16 August 2011

Reclining drunk

Searching for peace at the bottom of a bottle? 

Gilbert & George (1942) Reclining drunk. [online image] Available at: <> Accessed 16 August 2011




Photographs from my step-grandfather's travels around the world. Est 1940.

A birds eye view...

Photographs from my step-grandfather's travels around the world. Est 1940.

'a mistake'

Photograph from my step-grandfather's travels around the world. Est 1940. 


Photographs from my step-grandfather's travels around the world. Est 1940.


Kangaroo - Edna/Arnold



My grand-mother was desperate that no one was to ever see these pictures again.

Photographs from my step-grandfather's travels around the world. Est 1940.