Friday, July 22, 2011

Weapons of mass destruction

As the wasps entered the house, crawling, ailing, I took it upon myself to collect them. To provide personal oblivions. Ordinarily I kill wasps, rogue individuals that happen to fly in. I remain calm, certain they wont sting me. 

Inspired by Slinkachu

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Abigail Doan

I'm fascinated by Doan's Fibre Flotsam works; they're beautiful yet uncomfortable, fragile yet solid. 


I can only sympathise with the 'documentor' and the 'documentee'. Obviously a slow process, this kind of deterioration is something I feel was right for the artist to photograph. Not to make fun, but to remember.


The famous self-immolation of the Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức.

19th Century painting

An avalanche in the Alps

De Loutherbourg, P. J. (1803) An avalanche in the Alps [online image] Avalilable at: <> [Accessed 21 July 2011] 


Scotland for Ever 1881
Oil on canvas
Lady Elizabeth Butler (1846-1933)
I spent hours sat infront of this painting, when all seemed hopeless. 
The fear in the horses eyes, the bared teeth, provided a sort of solace. 

Richard Billingham


Thompson, M. (2003) Clouds [Collage] In: Hyland, A & Bell, R. (2003) Hand to eye. Contemporary illustration. London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Shah, D. R. (2010) View. Textile view magazine. Issue 90, Summer 2010, Hyperosmia. The Netherlands: David R. Shah. 
Shah, D. R. (2011) View. Textile view magazine. Issue 93, Spring 2011, Emerge. The Netherlands: David R. Shah.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weather wonders

Higgins, G. (2011) Weather wonders. incredible clouds and weather events from above and below. Cincinnati: David & Charles 

X Marks the spot

What would provoke a man to sit inside a car on fire? What could have happened? He seems to be looking out at me through the page, willing someone, somewhere to do something.

Curtis, B. (2011) [Photograph] In: Hedges, C. (2011) 'Why the revolution must start in America' Adbusters United Kingdom. Journal of the mental environment. 96, (jul/aug 2011)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Extraordinary Clouds

A selection.

Hambyln, R. (2009) Extraordiary Clouds. Skies of the unexpected from the beautiful to the bizarre. Cincinnati: David & Charles

Slinkachu - Little people in the city

Feeling small?

In context

In context

Slinkachu. (2008) Weed Surgeon [Photograph] In: Slinkachu. (2008) Little people in the city. The street art of Slinkachu. London: Boxtree
Slinkachu. (2008) They're not pets, Susan [Photograph] In: Slinkachu. (2008) Little people in the city. The street art of Slinkachu. London: Boxtree

Alex Moore photography

Alex Moore's F/00d series, of which 'TV Dinner' '11 struck me. Eating straight from the microwave packet, wearing clothes obviously intended for privacy and comfort. Is the cardigan hand knitted? Who loves this person so much to knit them a cardigan but can't provide more than a ready-meal?

Moore, A. (2011) TV Dinner '11 [Online image] Available at: <> [Accessed 15 July 2011]

Vik Muniz

I stumbled across Vik Muniz in Tate Etc, issue 21. 'Room with the clouds' seems appropriate somehow.

Complete eight picture series available at West collection


"There is this aspect of Magritte about dealing with the world around us"

Koons, J. (2011) 'In the Freewheeling World of the Mind' Tate Etc, (22) p.69
Magritte, R. (1955) Les Idées Claires [Oil on canvas] In: Curiger, B. & Grant, S. (2011) Tate Etc (22) London: Naomi Richmond-Swift


More indoor shots