Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exhibition - Re-Collect: Sculptural Responses to Ideas of Place within Collections

Huddersfield Art Gallery, above the town library, is currently host to a collection of mixed media sculpture. 

I was particularly attracted to Mariele Neudecker's work 'Stolen Sunsets, 1996'; the tank stands just at my eye level, perhaps slightly taller. Inside is a mix of salt, water, resin, fiber glass and dye. I can see craggy rocks, mountains, all cast in a bright blue light.

Several of Deborah Gardner's recent works are displayed, including 'Yorkshire monument, 2011'. 

I particularly like how the work is framed by the doorway, and admire the careful stacking of several flimsy items.  I'm certain there must be a reason for the low lighting, but I feel it detracts from the overall finish; I much prefer a strong light inside galleries.

The other work that stood out for me was Richard Wentworth's 'Toy, 1983'. A steel bucket, filled with steel, a tin can island carefully sunken flush with the top level, lid half rolled.

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