Monday, October 17, 2011


I feel a desperate need to put the sketchbook I'm currently working on into the sea when it's finished, to 'surrender' it to the elements and a power greater than myself.

I'm spending time on every page as I would any sketchbook or drawing, but embracing catastrophe (closing pages before they're dry). This sort of behavior would invoke terror in most people. This type of 'art' fascinates me, it shows that process is the overriding desire. This need for making and process is more important than a final outcome or 'piece'. Perhaps video art is relevant?

I'm fascinated by the sea; the vastness, the power, the repetitive motion, the uncontrollable nature. This is all linked to the larger theme of the sublime.

By offering up a labour of love to potential catastrophe I become free of the burden of control.

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